Dark Secrets

A Psychological Thriller

With a Twist

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A quick biopic about myself, and how I got into writing
Married 39 yrs, father of 4, grandfather of 7. Suppressed #author of 30 yrs lookout for my debut #Psychological #thriller DARK SECRETS, book 2, The Journey  

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DARK SECRETS of the mind…suppressed memories…strange dreams…hidden fears spread their web like a spider spinning between the branches of a tree, Dark Secrets book Coversnaring unsuspecting victims…people are drawn into the world of Dark Secrets when the trigger is pulled, who or what is real and who or what is not?…a world turned upside down…a marriage at risk as the Secrets lengthen. The past comes back to haunt John and Rose…will they survive and stand together or will it send them plunging down in a spiral, down back into the Dark Secrets

Book II – The  Journey
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Book III – The Passage

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Book 4 – The Final Journey

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Below are some extracts which been taken from  the review section of my Facebook page for DARK SECRETS, full reviews can be seen on my Facebook page here

Lynne Ferguson – DARK SECRETS was a fantastic read it’s really easy to read with lots of detail. The book has some amazingly talented writing and the most interesting characters I have had the pleasure to meet in a book. The twists and turns are epic and keep you wanting more and more. I can’t wait till book 2….. to see how things move on and get to meet more new characters. What a fantastic book 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ s thanks for letting me read the draft and can’t wait till the next instalment

Chris Blair – DARK SECRETS – Amazing book lot of twist and turns and a good mix of crime/thriller and the unexpected has its funny side to.The characters are great don’t know where Robert get them from he’s has a great sense of imagination mans a genius just keeps you wanting more and more cant wait for book 2. 5 stars

Stuart Cunningham – DARK SECRETS was a very interesting book. the story kept you guessing what was going to happen next and the characters were well thought out and very appealing to the imagination. This was my first book ive reed all the way through as it was very easy to read and kept you wanting to lift the book back up. 5 * stars looking forward to the second book for the story to continue.

Katrina Trimble – DARK SECRETS – a page turner! Truly amazing characters from all walks of life, lots of twists and turns that keeps you wanting more 5*…….Roll on book 2.

Laura Cunningham – DARK SECRETS Thank you for allowing me to read your book before its released i very much enjoyed this and it had me reaching for the book most of the spare time i had. The book was very entertaining from start to finish and had me guessing the how the plot would pan out and was good to see the twists and turns also the characters where very entertaining and clearly a lot of thought had went into this good luck on your journey and cant wait for the second one 5 star

John Delaney – DARK SECRETS is an amazing enthralling and gripping book that once you start to read you find yourself unable to put down..
One of the best books I have ever read..